Things That Only Biriyani Lovers Can Relate To

There are two types of people in this world, those who love biriyani and those who love biriyani. Biriyani is like the national dish of this country, there are hardly any people who do not like it. We have no idea who invented it? and who named it “Biriyani”? but let me tell that person “Bro, you deserve a place in Jannat ul firdaus” because your legacy has never failed to bring a smile on people’s faces.

Here is the list of things that every biriyani lover can relate to:

1. When waiter brings “Only Biriyani”

Bhai jaan???? Where is raita??? A biriyani without raita is like burger without cheese. I know that’s a stupid comparison but I had to make a point.

2. When Rs. 60 waali Biriyani tastes better than Rs. 200 waali.

And that is when you realize “money can’t buy happiness.”

3. When you do not like “Aalus” in your biriyani but waiter brings you anyway.

Bhai, I asked you to give biriyani without aalus? why you do this?

4. When you ask for normal “masala” in your Biriyani.

But it tastes like, the cook just put all the spices in your plate.

5. When you tell waiter “yaar, masala ziada daalna.”

and he brings you something that just tastes like water. You must be wondering but water doesn’t have any taste? Well… that’s what I was trying to say.

6. When you spot “Elaichi” before having a bite.

That’s the time when you realize, you’ve won the War and now you can eat biriyani without any fear.

7. When you feel something “Odd” in your mouth after having a bite.

That’s the point when the other partner of “Elaichi” sneaked into your mouth and now you can’t do anything because it has ruined the taste of your mouth. One thing you have to admit, every ingredient plays its part, Biriyani is nothing without its key ingredients so plz stop hating them.

8. When you can’t find any chicken piece in your biriyani.

How come there is no chicken? You can’t call this rice ‘ a biriyani’ only because it looks like it.

I bet, you can relate to this video:

9. When you’re a leg piece lover but you don’t get a leg piece in your biriyani.

And this moment makes you feel like you’re missing one of your own legs.


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Things That Only Biriyani Lovers Can Relate To

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