Things That Happen After You Graduate

Graduation can be the most important thing that ever happens to you. It brings about some major changes into your life. But don’t worry. Your college will have prepared you for the real world. All those assignments, corporate visits, presentations, research projects develop your skills in such a way, that makes the transition from academic to professional life as easy as you like.

1. Every major company you know and don’t know will be waiting to hand you an offer letter (Choose wisely)

You must make the decision on the basis of what you really like. First of all, be aware of the company values. Make sure they are aligned with your own life norms which you discovered during your education. Secondly, choose the department wisely. It is never too late to change your majors, for e.g. if you think that HR was not a wise choice, switch to something else like sales marketing. It is never too late.

2. Girls Will Be Lining Up to Marry You

As soon as you get that offer letter, girls will be lining up to marry you. Yes, even girls who were way out of your league in college. But obviously, the ship has sailed. You will go for none other than your gorgeous phuppo ki beti.

…eventually going down in the history books as one of the legends who conquered the dreaded bhai-zone.

3. You’ll become the role model for the younger members of your family

Your parents, aunts, uncles will start giving your example to younger members and underachievers of your family. Especially to the ones who are doing not so good in school.

4. You’ll Have all the Time in the World to Catch With Your College Friends

Since work life is very flexible, you can always plan hangouts with your college friends. You never really did get the chance in your busy college life, so now is definitely the perfect time!

5. You’ll be Thankful to All Your Teachers

Not a day will go by in which you won’t be thankful to your teachers who gave you all the necessary knowledge you now apply daily in your workplace.

6. Empty Pocket Will be a Thing of The Past

Since you’ll immediately land your dream job, you are likely to start with an above average monthly income. Can’t have lunch + no money for taxi, are now things of the past.


If you’re still not sure what’s gonna happen to you once you pass out, don’t sweat it. Life decisions do not always come to mind that easily. Wait for the right thought. You’ll be standing on the top-ladder, soon enough.

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Things That Happen After You Graduate

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