Tips to Avoid While Going to Office

At the workplace, “beauty gals face” is a tough challenge: expressing their individuality (and love of makeup!) while looking professional and sophisticated. Just like the outfit you wear to the office, the choices you make with your beauty routine can dramatically affect your colleagues’ perspective of you.

In fact, it’s the sad truth that your appearance could make you appear less competent. It was recently confirmed in a study that women who don’t wear makeup make less money than those who do, and we predict that shoddy cosmetic application can also result in the same wage gap. So rather than let a fun hobby affect our salary.

We’ll tell you biggest office beauty mistakes to ensure your makeup always looks polished and professional in the workplace.


Wearing too much foundation.

Stick to a natural, reasonable amount of coverage. Excess cream foundation and setting powder can look especially heavy and chalky under fluorescent lights. Instead, try just covering dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections with concealer, then evening out your skin tone with a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer and you are good to go.

Forgetting to fill in your brows.

By simply defining your arches, you’ll look more groomed, polished, and professional. Don’t forget girls, Your eyebrows shape your face.

Slicking on lip gloss.

Leave the shiny glosses for a dinner, Lacquered lips can look too casual, so opt for matte-, cream-, or balm-textured formulas instead. Consider stashing one of these innovative pout formulas in your bag.

Aggressively contouring.

We all know that contouring is super popular, but be sure to do a soft contour, It doesn’t matter if you use a cream or powder, just as long as it’s not harsh looking.

Skipping blush.

“Many women think that if they contour, they won’t need blush,This is such a huge mistake! Blush brings color into your face.

Checking yourself out too frequently.

Stop going through your entire beauty routine at your desk. There’s no need to overdo it! Just bring the necessities — lipstick, pressed powder, and mascara. If you wear more makeup to work, apply it before you get to the office. You may have to set an earlier alarm (and forgo hitting snooze). Restrict your touch-ups to the ladies’ room and save them for moments that matter, like before a meeting or dinners.

Hope these tricks will help you.

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Tips to Avoid While Going to Office

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