Karachi Vynz Making Way into Trillions of Heart

Karachi Vynz

There are a lot of media pages on Facebook that are making constant efforts to make us giggle and entertain us. Using the word “Entertainment” and not mentioning “Karachi Vynz” would surely be injustice .

Karachi vynz are recently visiting universities, but not only in karachi but to other cities of Pakistan to make you laugh hard.

When it comes to laughing our head off, the only name that strikes our mind is ‘Karachi Vynz’

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Start of New Journey

Their journey started in November 2014 when Azeem and Mansoor (the core member of the group) came up with the idea of the page. They decided to enter millions of heart by making videos. Currently having 1 Million likes on their Facebook page and the numbers are growing with each passing day.

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They started their journey with acting in various (both comedy and serious). They played in Bahria University Dramatics Society which later won them few awards in different university drama competitions.
Although there are more Facebook pages who are making videos and are doing pretty good, but they neglect Karachi. So they decided to come up with something that will be loved and appreciated by 2 million people with the most diverse population.

Well this needs to be acknowledge, not having Hi-tech cameras or equipment’s, having just one Camera ( Cannon 600D) with basic lens and just one Small microphone and making video of such quality is one hell of a deal. But Kudos!
Right now they are getting huge response from Facebook. Karachi vynz has no account on twitter, instagram or other social media platforms.
Tending to know the generation and making videos which can be relatable to the majority.
Making videos on current affairs and following social trends made them more popular.
They promote Urdu rather than English, so that it can be understood by large number of people.
They portray the real picture of Karachi other than what is projected by the media. Well, this is the only thing which differentiates them from other entertainers.

They recently performed in Karachi University, Greenwich University and iobm and crowd loved them

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Best videos

They have couple of best videos but ‘Aoo Bachpan Yaad Kartey Hain’ made many people nostalgic about those golden days of their childhood.


‘Sounu Song’ made everyone laughed so hard.

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You only know if your friendship is real when your friends tag you in a post that you can relate too and then you laugh so hard. That’s what it makes so special.

Keep enjoying and tagging your friends.

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Karachi Vynz Making Way into Trillions of Heart

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