How To Deal With Your Breakup ?

Wondering how to let go of your past?

Every Relationship passes through stages. And when it loses the charm, it eventually declines. Nonetheless, you must always be grateful for what happened for everything happens for a reason and you have to move forward with your life.

However, the after effects are always  painful. Despite the fact that you lose interest in your partner, it may be difficult at times to completely move forward as they were once an integral part of your lives.

Here are some tips to distract yourself and help you cope up with this emotional phase.

Get Rid of All The Gifts/Pictures

In stage one, you must dispose off all the belongings, gifts and pictures of your ex and flush them out from your life completely as it will only bring back the memories which are of no use now.

Don’t Feel Sorry For Yourself

Always remember that every step back is an opportunity to leap forward. Believe in yourself and know that you can get over this person because you will. Try  to be happy instead of over thinking. whats done been done and there is nothing that can be done now. so pick yourself up, dust all the sorry feelings off and begin anew.

Indulge In Activities That Make You Happy

Spend quality time with your friends and family and do things that make you happy. Consider reading a nice book, taking a trip abroad or go for movies every weekend. This will eventually distract you and make life a little easier to live. Surrounding yourself with positive people helps immensely.

Do The Evaluation

You can either do it yourself or pour your heart out to your best friend/sibling. Make a list of the things that bothered you about your ex. This will enable you to find things that you should not look in your new partner. While it is hard to find perfection, it is good not to repeat mistakes.

Give Time To Yourself

Time is a great healer. So, it is advisable not to jump into another relationship very quickly just because your ex has started dating someone else. Take your time and carefully evaluate the new partner.

Avoid Making Contacts With Mutual Friends

The best way is to keep a distance from your ex’s friends as you are in a stage of rebuilding your life from the ground up and you don’t want to be pulled back into the vortex of your former life.

Love Yourself

The ultimate solution is to love yourself. Pamper yourself. Go for a salon date or go have your favorite dessert. Spend a day with your buddies or indulge in your favorite sports. Don’t let anything negative in your life. Do things that you wanted to do for a while but you couldn’t since you were busy devoting your time to your partner.

Forgive And Forget

The best way to completely get over something or someone is to totally erase their memories from your life. Don’t hold grudges, learn to forget and forgive. This would help you move forward.

Don’t Ever Look Back

Avoid making contact with your ex even if they approach you first. Don’t let them play around with your sentiments.Keep thinking of the reason you split up. You don’t want to go down that phase again, Do you?


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How To Deal With Your Breakup ?

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