From “Hire Yourself” to “Let’s Hire Together”

We all have our journeys to live, cherish and bid farewell after reaching a certain destination, but some journeys are never-ending and end up becoming the pathways to our new destinations. This is something I can absolutely relate with as being a job-seeker and recruiter at the same time, and something I have even come to witness through the baby steps of these two struggling ladies, now leaving foot prints of grown up adults: Syed Erum Ali Shah and Afreen Mansoor. Great minds met in 2013 and started thinking a like during their journey from being class-fellows to friends.

These fresh graduates from one of the most Reputable Educational Institutes of Karachi, SZABIST, have harvested the fruits of employment for countless of job seekers while making a substantial use of their Degrees in Social Sciences. What I really mean from substantial is actually understanding, accentuating and catering to one of the prevailing social and economical issues in Pakistan i.e. unemployment.

Facebook as being the most popular, happening and connecting social media platform became their medium to create some difference and one fine evening they published a group with some basic rules that any Facebook group admin would set to make a firm ground to run their group. Their inner voices did try to question them that what if this doesn’t work out or if they would be requiring an HR background to create a job-seeking group? But they shhh’ed down those voices and raised a louder voice by the name of “Hire Yourself – Job & Internship Opportunities in Karachi”.

The next morning, the notifications popped from the group that it has reached 1,000 members and to their surprise, people never stopped coming in. Now it has been eight months that the group is being active and has more than 33,000 active members. The group has not only become the platform for the job-seekers but also for the recruiters as it helps them to gravitate and generate a competent pool of candidates for their respective companies. Even I came to know about this group during my journey of job-seeking and now this group is making a valuable contribution in my journey of head-hunting.

The Dynamic Duo now appears to be planning for their journey towards their next destination. Their recent post in the month of August regarding the Recruiter’s Subscription Form foretells the high flight of the Birdies. The world functions on the notion of ‘Give and Take’ and the Duo have made sure that they don’t stay behind either in adhering to the similar notion. The good part of this strategic initiative is that it has filtered out most of the fake recruiters and job vacancies from the group, as also confirmed by Syed Erum Ali Shah. However, the filtration cannot be done at its maximum because of the remaining population who post vacancies just by the good will or to help their friends/family/recruiter. Nevertheless, the platform is being of great help to every member present in that group and both the admins believe that the roar will keep spreading even in their absence. We are with you admins and you shall hear the echo. More power to you girls!


For further internship and job updates you can join the group on facebook:

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From “Hire Yourself” to “Let’s Hire Together”

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