15 Things People with Sweet tooth Can Relate To

Only People with sweet tooth have craziest fantasies and that is a “Pool Full of Chocolates”, “A Castle Made of Candies”, “A bed of Candy Floss” and Nutella running in your taps instead of water.

Just Imagine if all this come to life!! *DROOLING*

Here are 15 sweet things that tell you have absolute 32 sweet tooth!

You have watched all YouTube Videos

You know you have master watching all the videos

You Prefer Making Friends Who Are Equally Crazy For Sweets

Friend: I don’t like sweets
Me: I don’t like you

Image result for gifs for eating desserts

You can Eat Dessert in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

You have power to eat dessert 3 times a day and you are down to eat it even at 3 am

I Only Have One Weakness

You are strong, independent person but you have one weakness, Anything that tastes SWEET!!

Let It Rain Over Me!

Every time you pour hot chocolate ganache over your cake *SLURPING*

Just another bite

Your whole life is a lie

Image result for gifs for just another piece of cake

The Only Time You Wake up Early

When there is last piece of cake left in the fridge and you have siblings to attack, that’s the only time you wake up early

Image result for gifs for waking up early and eating cake

Preferring Sweet Over Savory

You know you are desi and love sweet when you shout on top of you lungs
*Bhai, Golgapay mai meethe chutney zada dalnaaaa*

Related image

Chocolate will make your clothes Shrink

When someone tells you that you’ll get fat, Baji mind your own business please!

Image result for gifs for fat people eating cake

Sugar Rush

You are always hyper active

Image result for gifs for sugar rush

Finding Happiness in cakes

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cupcakes. And that’s kind of the same thing

Image result for gifs for eating CUPCAKE

Anxiously Waiting for Sweet on a Dinner Party

No Savory can make you more happy than the bowl filled with gulab jamun

bring the sweets to me

Why Fall in Love When You Have Chocolate

The only love of your life that won’t disappoint you, EVER

Related image

Don’t You Dare to Look at the Last Piece

Sharing food doesn’t apply here

Image result for gifs for joey doesnt share food

You can Think About it All Day

Day dreaming about the dessert you are going to have at night

Image result for gifs for daydreaming about dessert

You know that people who like sweets are very sweet and you are one of them.

Keep Calm and Eat Dessert!

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15 Things People with Sweet tooth Can Relate To

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