Desi Aunties you Encounter in Your Life

To all those who have been loved, hated, hunted, targeted, victimized by the heroic aunties in their family. and also to the pure and endless entertainment that keeps the family drama alive!

1. CID Aunty

There will always be this one aunty who would always peek in out of the blue.  She will always be busy spying on everyone. Watch out!!

2. Rishta Hunter

Rishtey wali aunties would never miss out any weddings. These annoying aunties will always be found chatting up to one guy or the other hoping to find a perfect rishta for people on her checklist.

When you see them, run as fast as you can. They won’t spare you, Trust me.

3. Bhooki Aunty

These ungrateful foodies will always be found eating anything they can get their hands on, be it a packet of chips they had snatched from a kid or an elaborate desert at a party and especially in weddings holding 3 plates of biryani and 2 cold drinks. And somehow they would always complain “ Khana Acha Nae Tha”.

sad, isn’t it?

4. Drama Queen

This Notanki Aunty who loves drama will always have something to be dramatic about. She would always be extra loud, exaggerating everything she can.

Make sure you keep head phones with you when you encounter them.

5. Emotional Blackmailer Aunty

With her amazing emotional blackmailing skills, she would force you to accept her point of view and prove you wrong no matter what.

6. Show Off Aunty

The only reason she would attend any wedding or party is to show off her expensive clothes and “Gold Ki” jewelry and what not.

Oh and did we just forget to mention her Amreeka (America)’s trip?

7. Lecture Lover Aunty

These aunties don’t need any specific reason to start. They love giving lectures and would never be out of words regardless of the occasion or the person theyre lecturing; 10, 20, 30, all age groups are the same to her.

8. Over Excited Aunty

Such aunties love to interrupt you and would always come up with unexpected demands which will blow your head.

9. Gossip Aunty

These aunties are always updated about everyone in the khandan, they love to spread rumors and mix in a little mirch masala to every news they are about to give.

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Desi Aunties you Encounter in Your Life

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