8 Times Bollywood Shamelessly Copied Hollywood Posters

Has there ever been a moment when you are trying to come up with a creative idea for days and all you can come up with is butterflies and unicorns? when you feel completely useless because everything that you think of has been done, which eventually leads to you to believe that not only are you far from original but are convinced that you will never come close to being the leaders that you admire so much? yeah that is completely fine because guess what, even the best of the best have creative blocks, and sometimes, all they do is copy… not that its right, but hey! they do.

here is a list of how Bollywood has shamelessly copied from Hollywood, not once, twice but a number of times.

1. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol vs. Talaash

see? see how they didnt even TRY to tweak things around in the poster of TALAASH?? by not using the hood in GHOST PROTOCOL, they could’ve made the poster into something else completely, but they didnt. and thus, we have an actual copy.

2. Safe Haven vs. Ek Villain

I think there is a fine line between getting inspiration and actual copying. The poster of EK VILLAIN looks exactly the same of that of SAFE HAVEN even though they were released a year apart. i mean if i were copying something, id probably find something that is a decade old… just saying.


3. The Best of Me vs. Dilwale

this is BEYOND sad. i am speechless. looking at these two posters, one wonders if theyre a copy or just mirror images… even the blue dress and the checkered shirt are the same! i mean the details can be played with…no?

4. XYZ vs. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

im sure the only reason they added the building in the KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI’s background is so that nobody could say its an exact copy of XYZ…right?


5. Mud Men vs. Dangal

aj se jahalat shuru.

apologies apologies. but no seriously. im sure there are a million ways one could design a poster for a sport. i wonder hwy they made the poster of DANGAL exactly like mud men. i mean they are being literal. they have a reason…why is amir khan’s face coming out of the dirt.


6. Revenge vs. Ram Leela

SURE there is no male character holding the girl in the revenge poster but seriously. is it so hard to come up with something new? i mean did they justify RAAM LEELA’s poster by putting a pile of guns instead of thorns under the characters?
so original.


7. The Incredible Hulk vs. Ghajni

ever heard of the phrase “naqal kay liay bhe aqal chahay”…. yeah. looking at these two posters i understand what it really means. the poster of the INCREDIBLE HULK looks so dramatic whereas the poster of GAJNI looks like a failed attempt… at everything.


8. Ra-One vs. Batman Begins

silence. a moment of silence.


so ladies and gentlemen. beware! there is copy police everywhere, ready to jump onto everything you try to copy or plagiarize. if ever you think you will be able to get away with it, know that they will find you, and they will ruin you…..publicly.

so its okay to get a creative block. because nothing is worse than getting caught.

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8 Times Bollywood Shamelessly Copied Hollywood Posters

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