7 Problems Only People With Curly Hair Can Understand

Although they look great at times, curly hair is really difficult to manage. A whole lot of effort and tears go into it and sometimes you just want to give up and not deal with them. Here are a few problems only girls with curly hair understand.

1. They Cannot Be Tamed 


To all those who keep telling us that if we comb are curls, they’ll look better…. THEY WONT! They get worse. They not only blow up, there is no taming them back ever.


2. Straightening Curls Is Chore 

It doesn’t matter if the hair is long or short, if they are curly, straightening them will take not only a whole lot of products but also a lot of muscle strength… your arm might break off from its socket once you’re done.


3. The Weather Is Either A Friend Or A Foe 

If you live near the sea or somewhere where it’s always raining, well, you are a definite goner. The worst thing that can happen to curls is a humid weather. All the straightening and styling is shot to hell and you end up looking like a mop.


4. Losing Of Items 

This post should be dedicated to all those things that we lost in the name of curls. The infinite number of bobby pins that we stick in our hair at the beginning of the day to those that we break while trying to pull them out. The hair brushes and the combs that too lose their handles as we pull them through our hair should not be forgotten either.


5. The Fear Of Being Bald 

Ever had that mini heart attack when your hair gets tangled in a hair brush and you’re forced to weigh your options of either cutting that chunk of hair off or going bald as you try to untangle it? Yeah, we’ve had it too… multiple times.


6. Time Is Never On Your Side 


Well it’s not our fault we have such difficult hair. Curls need time and patience unlike straight hair that can be let loose and still look beautiful!


7. Stay Away 

So, its curly and different; something you don’t see on every head. Do you still have to touch it?! NO, you don’t. For you it might be exploring a new texture but for us its making it into a bird’s nest! It goes from tamed to Hagrid’s hair within seconds!


Even though, curly hair can be a royal pain in the girls’ butt, it’s makes us who we are; distinctive. Just in search for better ways to manage it and we’ll be good to go for life!

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7 Problems Only People With Curly Hair Can Understand

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