5 Types Of Teachers In University

The Cool Dude

This is the teacher who still believes that “You are the age that you act”. His class tests are more like group discussions, his lectures being more like a stand-up comedy show and homework is usually optional. Most of the students love this teacher because he is very lenient and doesn’t really teach anything. The reason of his coolness is that he is secretly always high. He starts teaching with the name of the topic and while going through some of his childhood stories he ends it at a funny joke about drugs. This is what makes him feel alive and relevant as his other friends don’t take him seriously anymore. Whatever the case maybe I wouldn’t have graduated if it weren’t for them. Kudos!


The Robotic Telecaster

Ever seen an awkward teacher who stands behind a podium and reads off the slides like he is seeing it for the first time just like you are? Yes, he is our typical slide reading robot. This teacher would not be a teacher if SlideShare did not exist. He works in a bank job while teaching Psychology so of course he has no expertise nor dedication, he just wants the extra money. Ask him a question about the subject and his face blows up red while he haphazardly starts backing up the slides ending it off with a promise to reply after the break (which he never does). He invents meanings and definitions of acronyms and jargons as he teaches. His exams are all ‘ratta’ (strict memorization) which don’t really add any value in your knowledge. This teacher does not care if you study or not and passes everyone near the passing score without discrimination.


Army Bootcamp Commander

This teacher has a secret crush on Hitler and worships Satan at night. He likes his classroom to be as quiet as his love life is. He ruins moods across wherever he walks. The only being he cannot overpower is his wife by whom they get scolded every day, possibly being the reason of their anger. He likes to take out his frustration on his students by teaching them really advanced topics and giving them questions that Einstein failed to answer.


Messed Up English

This teacher is similar to Shakespeare because he twists words so brutally that they become new words. His vocabulary include the words like “Paaapoolation (population), Ecanaamics (Economics) and Waatur(Water)”. He has a capability of finding a new pronunciation of even the most impossible words ever while using them in incomprehensible sentences. Because of this teacher you sometimes wake up at 3am because you finally get what the teacher was trying to explain. They scold like “DON’T TRY TO TALK IN FRONT OF MY BACK!” and say weird things like “Wind is running, open the window and let the air force come in”. They somehow acquired 3 masters degrees without nobody asking them about their language skills and somehow I always end up getting half of my marks cut in an assignment because of spelling typos.


The Hot Teacher

The door opens, cold breeze starts to blow, time slows down, violins start to play and a beautiful human being walks inside. Yes, that is the new HOT teacher. Back bencher guys come to the front seats while girls start getting jealous. The teacher doesn’t have to be literate enough to teach with a face like that which is like a Universal pass to everything in the world. Guys try their best to study hard but are always distracted by their looks. Somehow the nerdiest of guys forget how to spell simple words. Everyone needs special attention from her so that they may get a chance to be closer to her.

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5 Types Of Teachers In University

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