5 Mandatory Lipstick Shades For Summer

Choosing the right shades for summer is one of the toughest jobs that a female encounters since we have a wide variety of options available. In case you are not sure which ones to pick, here are some of my favorite pieces and why I love them.

Kat Von D ‘s Lolita

Kat Von D is one of the high end brands that is known for its long wear and high pigment products. You would often find beauty bloggers swooning over this brand. The brand has earned one of the largest following on social media and the product line was specifically designed to meet the beauty demands of Kat as well as to inspire beauty addicts to express themselves through the artistry of makeup.

Kylie Jenner’s Posie K

Certainly Posie K is one of the best shades that Kylie Jenner offers. Nothing flatters a wide range of skin tones quite like dusty amethyst shade. As soon as I was introduced this shade, I added this product on to my cart as fast as my fine motor skills would allow.

The tube comes with a crazy looking packaging of Lip tattoo. It contains a brush applicator which is very easy to use and it creates even coat in just one swipe. The best part about the lipsticks are the aroma and how moist my lips feel post application. If you are looking for a shade to rock it every day, this one is definitely your go to.

Mac’s Candy Yum Yum

Pink is my all time favorite shade. This shade particularly is not a bright pink shade but I would rather say it is a neon pink shade. Since I am a totally pink lippie girl, I am in love with this shade. It glides smoothly across lips without any tugging or pulling. The finish goes a bit flaky and uneven on dry lips. Matte finish is the major highlight of the product. As it settles down, it makes your lip pulpy smooth

This shade is certainly a show-stealer and it definitely grabs the attention of people. The hue is so feminine that it can go perfectly with any skin tone.

Nyx’s Budapest

Nyx is a very reasonable brand and Budapest is one of the shades that I adore. It’s a deep plum shade with brown and red undertones. It is suitable for all skin types. Hence beauties with deep and darker skin tones can pull this shade off really well.

Initially you would think that its super glossy and it would feel as if it has smooth mousey texture. However, this color takes time to dry out and once it dries, it turns into a perfect matte. The best part about this product is that it doesn’t look patchy or cakey even with multiple layers.

Kylie Jenner’s Dirty Peach

Looking for a perfect nude peachy-pink shade? Then this product is what you should get. This shade is yet another favorite of mine. It has orange undertones & will ensure that your lips are just on point. Moreover since it’s a long lasting formula, you don’t need retouching after eating or drinking. It has a smell of vanilla cake so you would love wearing it.

The packaging is very classy and sleek and it comes with a lip liner as well to give your lips a complete look.


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5 Mandatory Lipstick Shades For Summer

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