10 Tricks For Perfect Skin

Undoubtedly, the first thing that helps you to hook someone’s attention for a longer duration is the appearance. The primary layer protecting your flesh and bones is your skin and your facial skin is the primary layer that adds to your beauty as well. Ever wondered why Korean women appeared to have such a tremendously beautiful and flawless skin? It is because they invest their time and money in their skin care, and believe that it is worthy of their investment. The secret lies in the ten refined and intricate steps involved in their cleansing and moisturizer routine, as elaborated by Charlotte Cho, co-founder and curator of SOKO GLAM.

Step 1: Prep and Pre-Cleanse

The “double cleanse method” is a good kick-off to attain the desired outcome. Being Pakistani, we are too lazy to even wash our faces and cannot stop admiring the applied makeup for hours that we had nailed after a good amount of time and effort. However, this makes your skin more vulnerable to the environmental pollutants. Hence, the double cleanse method involves the removal of day’s BB cream and blush with a towelette or a wipe enriched with nutrients, to remove each trace of makeup (including the eyes) with a liquid remover. Follow the steps with the removal of bacteria and sebum by using gentle oil cleanser and lukewarm water. The purpose of using oil cleanser is to get the dirt removed without your skin getting dried.

Step 2: Re-Cleanse

Korean women have a thorough belief that the key to a radiant and acne-free complexion is the proper cleansing and re-cleansing of the skin – with a foaming cleanser or a mild cream. However, scrubbing is not recommended just like we Pakistanis do, believing that it will remove all the dirt and blackheads very well. The truth is that scrubbing leads to the over-production of oil glands in the skin, leading to more oily skin. So, gentle and soft circular motions does the actual trick rather than the rubbing of the skin.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Use of the supplements such as exfoliating scrubs helps in removing the dead cells collected from the skin surface, so slough off the dead skin as it leaves room for the regeneration of new skin. It is recommended to always scrub or exfoliate at night so our facial skin cells can turnover night. Application of retinol or Vitamin C or hydrating cream after exfoliation is highly recommended as well to moisturize the skin. It is not healthy to over-exfoliate on daily basis and it is better to give your skin rest for a week. The key is to focus your efforts on the blackheads or the pores on your cheeks/nose.

Find out your skin type as there are many scrubs and exfoliates for every skin type. Facial Exfoliators or scrubs for your skin

Step 4: Skin Toning/Skin Tightening

This is not about your usual habit and method of skin toning with the barrel of alcoholic toner. This step is a variated twist of hydration along clarification – wait for it – cleanse. It helps in the removal of the residue with smoothening of skin and maintenance of pH balance, making your skin absorbent of what is next in line to apply.

Step 5: Essence is a Must

Essence is a concentrated liquid for skin nourishment and the use of essence is a mandatory part of the Korean Skincare regime. Why? Essence is effective when it comes to the enhancement of the renewal process of the skin cells, which further leads to the firmness and elasticity of the skin, as well as it elevates the complexion. Just a splash and a gentle tap to assist its absorption in the skin.

Step 6: Ampoule Magic

An ampoule is not very different than a serum and involves active ingredients with higher concentrations so it can be used for a sufficient amount of time where it acts as a skin booster to address skin problems like aging, lack of collagen, loss of elasticity and uneven skin tone. Ampoules are usually available in small bottles with droppers and are less thick in consistency.

Step 7: Facial Sheets and Masking

Your bed is not the only thing that needs sheets to be rested on them. It is your beautiful face as well which demands equal amount of attention. Facial sheets are a part of daily routine for Koreans. A five-minute facial massage and a fine application of a facial mask are going to boost your skin circulation and increase hydration.

Step 8: Beauty Lies in The “Eyes” of The Beholder 

Not to forget to deliver equal care and attention to your eyes. It is always better to prevent than seeking for the cure. Application of intensive eye cream is useful to shoo away or guard your eyes from the puffiness, eye bags and dark circles. The best tip is to apply it by tapping it around the entire eye rather than tugging or pulling the skin while applying. This assures the high miniaturization of the most delicate area of the face.

Step 9: Skin Emulsification

It’s time to lightly emulsify your skin with the help of a facial moisturizer to replenish hydration levels of your skin after a comprehensive cleansing process done in the beginning. Follow the step through gentle circulations with the help of your fingertips, from your face till your neck.

Step 10: Rely on The Sleeping Pack

For the grand finale of the gorgeous, glowing and hauntingly beautiful skin, lets double up once again with a smooth, second and final layer of the moisture with an ultra-rich sleeping pack or a night cream. Believe it to be as a cream mask that locks in the emulsion and helps in keeping your face hydrated for the whole night.

Because we care, Be it your Skin or your Hair


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10 Tricks For Perfect Skin

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