10 Food Places In Karachi You Must Try

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

In Pakistan, Lahore is famous for its fried fish, Quetta for its sajji and Peshawar for its karhai but Karachi doesn’t have just one food item it is known for; the metropolitan city is a melting pot of cultures and flavors from all over the country.

Whether it’s enjoying a crispy papaar and chaat at Sea View or driving to Dhoraji for a gola ganda, Karachi has many food stops every tourist must make.
Memories of sitting on the bonnet of a Mehran enjoying chicken broast as a child, or lying down on the takhts at boat basin as a teenager for hours may have clouded my judgment but I hope this list helps you experience Karachi through its food, and fall in love with it as I have.

1. Dhoraji-Gola Ganda

In this hot scorching sun and intense weather of Karachi don’t you want to have something chilled, cool and sweet? Yes? Then, stalls and push carts at Dhoraji may offer abundant choices for the Chatoraas. Snow cone aka gola ganda at Dhoraji will definitely lighten up your mood with its variety of flavors.

2. Burns Road

Talking about food then how can we not mention burns road? Yes, the best and the oldest food street in Karachi. If there is anything that you can’t find at burns road that would be ‘nothing’. With all the desi food to the amalgamation international cuisines, it is one of the diverse food streets in the world.

3. Boat Basin

Boat basin at Clifton might have gotten famous for its boating but now it is famous for its variety of food offered specialty in breakfast. The DERA is the must go place, it offers garma garam puri to numerous variety of parathas.

4. Meerat Kabab House-Chicken Bihari Tikka

My personal recommendation for Tikka is always Meerat kabab house. Started with saddar now they have their branches all over the city. They have numerous variations in Tikka but Chicken Bihari Tikka is still the boss, nothing can beat it. It is made of green chilies rather than traditional red chilies. The variation in their flavors literally melts in your mouth and you feel the city spices in your mouth. This is perfectly complimented with deep fried lachay dar paratha. Like most Karachiites, I am a huge fan of the classic combination. You cannot go wrong with a chicken tikka.

5. Noorani-Katakat

This place is just more than the food. As a big foodie, I personally like the sound of knives and cutting different organs to make the world’s best katakat. I started associating Katatat directly with Noorani kebab house.

6. Mateen Foods- Biryani

Talking of Karachi and not mentioning Biryani! Not happening. If you want to have biryani that has perfect combination of spices and meat. You can never miss out on Mateen Foods. They offer the best biryani in town in most affordable prices.

7. Javed Nihari House

Want some spicy delicious desi treat? Then you should head towards Javed Nihari house. The plate is topped with gingers and green chilies complimented with garma garam naan.

8. Shaheen Shinwari

Karahi cravings? The perfect place to hang out with your friends and to have karahi is shaheen shinwari. This is the only Pakistani dish one can never ignore to have. They have perfect mix of their spices.

9. Café Piyala

For all the tea lovers out there. This is the best place you should go for having tea with your friends. They are open 24 hours and specially for tea lovers. You can always have lachay dar paratha with your tea.

10. Kolachi

Talking about food so how can we forget Kolachi at do darya? Not only food but the environment is also amazing. Don’t forget to try their BBQ.

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10 Food Places In Karachi You Must Try

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